Bite By Bite Marketing Plan

$6,600.00 $5,000.00

New Website – Value $1200 (free)
We will take a look at your current website and revamp it or complete a new one.
Graphics – Value $600 (free)
We will develop new graphics for your social media
and website.
Product Development – Value $1000
If we find it necessary, we will develop e-books
in order for your company to get engagements or obtain
new customers.
Action Plan  -Value $1200
We will give you a bite by bite action plan so that you will
get results and increase your revenue.
Marketing Campaign – Value $500
We will direct you in the right direction on how you should
run your marketing campaign.
Target Audience – Value $500 
We will find that narrow audience for you.
Total Package $5000 – Special $1150.00

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New Customers                                                                           
Identify and learn the best strategy to find what
attracts your ideal clients.
Learn how to position your business and become an
expert in your market.
Learn how to have clear messages that will
bring in quality leads, We will give you that clear
Target Audience
Discover who should be your target audiences.
Audiences that will bring in leads.
Learn what type of graphics works that will bring in

***Once payment has been made, you will receive a questionnaire.  If you don’t receive a questionnaire, then contact us immediately. We will begin working on your success plan within 24 hours***

You will have an option of paying 4 different ways.  Please select your payment options.  If you select payment plans, future payments will be billed to you via invoice.

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